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Sandvik Coromant KR Chipbreaker CoroTurn 107 Carbide Turning Insert - 2 Pk

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  • CoroTurn 107 screw clamping system uses positive inserts with a 7
  • 80 Degree diamond turning insert, insert size is 3(2.5)2, no. of edges 2
  • Roughing Chipbreaker, Cast Iron Application
  • This single- sided insert is used mainly in small tools for internal and external machining. The inserts are clamped with a screw through a center hole. The CoroTurn 107 is the first choice system for internal longitudinal turning of small diameters, and is also used for external light roughing to finishing of smaller components
  • Multilayer coating combines TiCN, Aluminum Oxide, and TiN excellent general choice for roughing of all cast irons at low to medium cutting speeds
KR roughing chip breaker cast iron insert type. CVD-coated carbide consisting of a thick, smooth, wear resistant coating and a very hard substrate, capable of withstanding demanding interrupted cutting conditions. Recommended as general choice for roughing of all cast irons at low to medium cutting speeds.
  • Material Type: Carbide
  • Finish Types: Multi-Layer
  • Number of Items: 2
  • Compatible Devices: SCLCL 08 3, SCLCL 10 3, SCLCL 12 3B, SCLCL 16 3D, SCLCR 08 3, SCLCR 10 3, SCLCR 12 3B, SCLCR 16 3D, A16T-SCLCL 3, A16T-SCLCR 3, A10R-SCLCL 3, A10R-SCLCL 3-R, A10R-SCLCR 3, A10R-SCLCR 3-R, A12S-SCLCL 3, A12S-SCLCL 3-R, A12S-SCLCR 3, A12S-SCLCR 3-R
  • Compatible Material: Cast Iron
  • Corner Radius: 0.0315 inches
  • Thickness: 0.1562 inches
  • Shape: Diamond
Sandvik Coromant
2-CCMT 3(2.5)2-KR 3215
2-CCMT 3(2.5)2-KR 3215

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