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Sharpe Valves 24834SC Series Carbon Steel Swing Check Valve, Class 800, 1-1/2" Socket Weld

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  • This class 800 Sharpe Valves 24834SC series swing check valve is made of carbon steel for tensile strength and hardness. It has a bolted bonnet and socket weld connections on both ends. Socket-weld ends connect to unthreaded pipe ends, and the joined pieces are welded together to create a tight seal against leaks. This valve meets the following specifications for quality assurance: American National Standards Institute (ANSI) B16.11 and B1.20.1; American Petroleum Institute (API) 602 and 598.

    Check valves have two ports and restrict the flow of fluids and other loose materials through a pipe or passageway to one direction. Flow enters through one port and exits through the other, closing when flow reverses or stops. Two common types of check valves are ball cone valves and swing check valves. A ball cone valve utilizes a spring-loaded ball seated against a cone-shaped interior surface to stop the flow of fluid in a forward direction, and a swing check valve has a movable disc on a hinge to block reverse flow. Check valves are rated by their cracking pressure (the minimum upstream pressure required for the valve to operate), and they are used in various water, gas, air, and steam lines.

    Sharpe Valves manufactures a wide variety of valves, including stainless and carbon steel ball, gate, globe, and check valves. The company, founded in 1986 and headquartered in Chicago, IL, meets International Organization for Standardization (ISO) 9001:2008 standards based on Sharpe's design and manufacturing of valves.

Sharpe Valves

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