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Small Parts Standard External Retaining Ring 5 Pack - Stainless Steel

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  • Standard round shape has lug holes on each end for installing with a tool
  • Tapered section construction provides flexibility to facilitate installation
  • Axial assembly mounting style has the ring install by sliding onto a shaft from the end
  • Stainless steel provides corrosion resistance, and the passivated finish enhances its natural corrosion resistance
  • Meets DIN 471 specifications
Retaining rings attach to a shaft (external) or install in a bore (internal), creating a shoulder to maintain component positioning within an assembly. While most rings install into a machined groove either on the inside or outside diameter of a shaft, self-locking rings attach to a shaft by using friction from means such as teeth and notches to maintain placement. Retaining rings should fit tightly enough into the groove or onto the shaft so they won't experience any movement.
Small Parts
Retaining Ring
Retaining Ring

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