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SMC Pin Air Cylinder with Basic Style Mounting - 3/8" Bore

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  • Single-acting air (pneumatic) cylinder with one air port and spring-return piston rod return
  • Round pin-style body with a single threaded piston rod for use in linear applications
  • Stainless steel body and piston rod for resistance to corrosion and scaling
  • Basic-style mounting for installing on rigid surfaces
  • Rubber cushioning to dampen the sound of the piston striking the end caps
This SMC single-acting NCJ2 Series air cylinder has a round pin-style body, basic-style mounting, and rubber cushioning to absorb kinetic energy and reduce noise during operation. The air cylinder (also called a pneumatic cylinder) has a stainless-steel pin-style body and a single threaded piston rod to help resist corrosion and scaling. The single-acting air cylinder uses airflow through its single air port for rod extension and an internal spring in the cylinder barrel's rod end for rod retraction to produce continued movement. Rubber bumpers (cushions) are standard to this series to absorb kinetic energy and to dampen the sound of the piston striking the air cylinder_s end caps. The air cylinder has basic-style mounting to allow the addition of a bracket (sold separately) for rigid surface installation. The maximum pressure of the pneumatic cylinder is 100 pounds per square inch (psi), and it has a temperature range of 14 to 158 degrees F. This non-repairable air cylinder is suitabl

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