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Stanley/Best 9K37R Grade 1 Classroom Lever Lock

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  • Rose locking pin and rose assembly design offers great torque resistance. It prevents the locking pin from twisting, bending, or breaking under attack.
  • The innovative design of the slotted key re lease cam and locking lug assembly create maximum attack resistance.
  • Even though damaged, the lock still allows key access. In addition, the lever is fully functional from the inside. The hub-mounted torsion spring and strong retractor springs help prevent lever sag and offer a smooth and snappy operation.
  • Strong through-bolt mounting studs increase torque resistance. Heavy rose liner material is highly attack resistant.
  • Strong retractor springs provide resistance to lever sag.
  • Zinc hubs with a shrouded locking lug, guaranteeing higher quality and increased torque resistance.
  • The outside lever sleeve is a seamless one piece construction made of a hardened steel alloy that provides additional reinforcement in the locking lug slot.
BEST 9K37R Grade 1 Classroom Lever Lock
BEST 9K37R Grade 1 Classroom Lever Lock

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