T-Lock -1/16" (2mm) "100 Clips " PERFECT LEVEL MASTER - Professional " Anti lippage " Tile leveling system - (1/16" spacers only), Red wedges not included and sold separately!

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  • This tile leveling system was developed to bring a perfect installation for all surfaces covered with tiles. System ensures that your tile installation will be leveled on the point tile to tile (each tile is leveled by all tiles around it). System also prevents tiles from warping as your thinset cures. An advantage of using this system is that the process of laying tiles takes less time, as you do not have to level your tiles the traditional way. It brings perfect result each time!! For DIY and trade professionals, this system is an easy way of achieving perfectly leveled surfaces without a headache and in no time. Saving installers time and reputation! Essential for correct installation of large format, heavy tiles with rectified (sharp) edges . This is 2 elements system that requires: Clips (white spacer) and Wedges ( red element) Those 2 combined together creates Perfect Level Master system! Clips have built-in 1/16" spacer -unique design that eliminates need of buying additional spacing components! This auction is for 1/16"(2mm) Clips , wedges are sold separately! Also 1/32" and 1/8" clips are available on my other auctions - please check all my listings at Amazon for other products. System is very fast to install and to remove! very durable and precise!! Other leveling systems can not even compare to this one!! - they are to complicated to use, not precise, weak and time consuming to adjust and remove. Also many required an extra tool that slows down installation big time! "Coverage - how many to buy for your project? **6"x24" tiles**-100 pieces of system will cover up to 25 sqft *12"x12" tiles*-100 pieces cover up to 35 sqft *12"x24" tiles*-100 pieces cover up to 50 sqft *24"x24" tiles*-100 pieces cover up to 130 sqft Coverage will also depend on tile quality & pattern. I am recommending to have 10-20% extra handy on job site. The most precise and reliable tile leveling system on the market !
Tile Master

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