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Aluminum Steel Universal Quick Coupler Plug Kit - Red (A73458D)

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  • Industrial type D connectors in all red colors
  • Allows matching of couplers for dedicated hose applications.
  • Push connect easy connect system
  • Female and Male couplers are the same color
14 Piece Type D ColorConnex(R) Set Red Anodized2 each sleeve FNPT & MNPT coupler, 4 each FNPT & 6 each MNPT plug The ColorConnex(R) patented color code system allows for easy, color-to-color matching of couplers and plugs among the standard pneumatic interchanges. It also solves the problem of potential crossing and contaminating of different air lines.   By using color to dedicate your different air lines, a lubricated line will never be used for a dry line application as long as your couplers and plugs match.   o Match coupler and plug types o Dedicate hose applications Specifications: Color: Red Series: 1/4 in. Type: Type D ( Industrial ) Thread: 1/4 in. NPT Includes:   6 Male NPT plugs 4 Female NPT plugs 2 Female NPT couplers 2 Male NPT couplers   US Pat 7,980,599 WARNING: Use only on compressed air lines at a maximum operating pressure of 300 PSI. For safety, do not exceed the pressure limitation of the hose and/or air-operated device you are using. This product is not designed for use with fluids, for non-industrial applications, or for life support systems. Failure to follow these directions exactly may result in personal injury or property damage. Legacy A73458D ColorConnex(R) Type D, 14 piece 1/4" Body Coupler and Plug Kit, Red Anodized.

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