ASI RAI-RJ45US Through Panel Connector, Unshielded RJ45, NEMA 4, 4X, IP65 Rating

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  • The ASI RAI-RJ45US is a panel interface connector consisting of an unshielded RJ45 connector in a robust aluminum connector housing with a locking cover. It is used in applications where you need to supply a unshielded RJ45 connector at a piece of equipment without having to open the door and enter the cabinet. The remote access interface or panel interface connector mounts with 4 screws in a cut-out made on the side of a panel. Once mounted, there is a protected gateway between the inside and outside of the panel. The housing is gasketed so that the mounting to the enclosure wall is sealed and when the locking cover is closed and a protection level of NEMA 4, 4X or IP65 is achieved. The internal connections to the remote access interface or panel interface connector are easy to wire after installation. The range of options for ASI panel interface connectors include AC receptacles or outlets, circuit breakers and connectors such as RJ or Ethernet connections, and D-subminiature. RAI-RJ45US is a panel interface connector with one unshielded RJ45 Ethernet connector.


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