• 54800 Series dual channel zener barrier
  • Intrinsic safety with solid-state reliability
  • Since no explosion-proof enclosures are needed for sensor wiring, these units further provide economical installation
  • Provide intrinsic safety to signal producing sensors
Gems dual channel zener barrier. For most non-voltage-producing devices located in a hazardous area, a single zener barrier that is negative-earth-grounded (see preceding two pages) can be used for intrinsic safety. Instrumentation that produces an output (signal conditioners) usually requires two barriers, one for each "floating" lead. Any non-voltage-producing sensor or switch is rendered intrinsically safe for hazardous locations when properly connected to the output of these zener barriers. Positive signal polarity. 0.4 for groups A and B, 1.2 for group C, 3.2 for group D Capacitance (micro farads). 0.9 for groups A and B, 5 for group C, 10 for group D Inductance (milli henry). Approvals - UL, FM, CSA. Application group - A, B, C, D. Measures 6" length by 1-5/8" height.
  • LowerTemperature Range: -40 Degrees Fahrenheit
  • Upper Temperature Range: 140 Degrees Fahrenheit
  • National Stock Number: 5945-01-309-0461
  • 270 ohms Resistance
  • 20 VDC Voltage
  • 100 mA Current
Gems Sensors
54805 20
54805 20

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