• 30 Amps, 600 Volts AC
  • 3P Fuse Holder
  • UltraSafe
  • For Midget Fuses
  • Non-Indicator Type
  • Finger Safe to an IP20 grade of protection under IEC Standards
  • Facilitates Quick and Easy Fuse Changes
  • Can be snap mounted to 35mm DIN rail
  • Tough and Durable Polyamide Body
  • AC Voltage Rating: 800
  • DC Voltage Rating: 1000
Shawmut USM series are ULTRASAFE holders and they qualify as "finger safe" under IEC and DIN standards all the way up to an IP20 grade of protection. They are available with or without blown_fuse indicators in each pole. Mersen UltraSafe modular fuseholders introduce a new level of safety for class CC and midget fuses up to 30 amperes. UltraSafe fuseholders qualify as "finger safe" under IEC and DIN standards to an IP20 grade of protection, including fuse changing (with the flick of a finger). UltraSafe fuseholders are available in 1, 2, 3 or 4 poles, with or without visual blown-fuse indicators in each pole. Multiple poles can be assembled in the field by ordering and installing pin-tie handles. UltraSafe fuseholders save up to 15% mounting space and any combination can be snapped onto 35mm DIN rail for extra savings in panel building time. Choose class CC fuses for Type "2" no-damage protection, one of the safest protection packages in the industry. The UltraSafe body material is tou

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