Oakton Fluoride F- Glass Body Double Junction Ion-Selective Electrode

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  • Fluoride ion selective electrode (ISE) measures fluoride (F-) concentration in water, stack emissions, dental care products, and other aqueous solutions
  • Combination electrode is available with a single junction for faster electrolyte flow, or a double junction to protect against silver wire contamination
  • Available with an epoxy body for impact resistance and durability, or a glass body for an improved seal and resistance to corrosive materials and solvents
The Oakton refillable combination fluoride ion selective electrode (ISE) has a solid state sensor for measuring the fluoride (F-) concentration in drinking water, waste water, sea water, stack emissions, coal, acids, soil, food, toothpaste/mouthwash, carbonated beverages, biological samples, and other aqueous solutions. This combination electrode contains both the measuring half-cell and the reference half-cell to minimize electrostatic interference and provide consistent readings. The solid state sensor allows for dry storage and eliminates the need for membrane replacement. The electrode is available in single-junction models for faster electrolyte flow and double-junction models to protect against silver wire contamination and help prevent clogging in dirty water and solutions with heavy metals or organics.

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