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Red Lion General Purpose Miniature Electronic Timer Digital Panel Meter

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  • Front panel and remote reset
  • 6-Digit timer accumulates time in hours, 1/10 hours, 1/100 hours, or 1/10 minutes
  • Operates from either switch contact, or 10 to 300 V (AC 50/60 HZ or DC) inputs
  • Self-powered with internal lithium battery for up to 7 years of continuous operation
  • Easy snap-in mounting in 1" x 2" panel opening; ideal for portable, mobile, or stationary industrial equipment
The CUB3T4 are designed to be used as hour, tenth hour, hundredth hour or tenth minute timers. The timing function on both models can be activated by either a contact closure or the application of 10 to 300 (AC 50/60 Hz or DC). Models are equipped with front panel remote reset. The CUB3T4 has the additional feature of a front panel reset. Time is displayed on a 6 digit LCD that will wrap around from a full display of "999999" to "000000" when an overflow occurs. An indicator, located in the upper lefthand corner of the display, will blink at 2 Hz whenever the timer is actuated.
Red Lion

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