• Most accurate method for field calibration of ROTRONIC probes
  • Simple calibration procedure, no operator preparation
  • Certified accuracy by Swiss Calibration Service
  • Unlimited shelf life
  • Practical packs of 5 ampoules of the same humidity value (approx. 0.8 ml per ampoule)
ROTRONIC humidity standards are packaged in boxes of five sealed ampules of the same humidity value. All ampules contain a non-saturated salt solution that generates a known humidity value. The most frequently used values are 35 and 80%RH, which are used to perform a 2 point calibration. Granules of a highly porous ceramic are used for the 0.5% RH standard. Each ampoule is marked with the %RH value and a serial number. A Swiss Calibration Service (SCS) Certificate stating the traceability and uncertainty of the humidity standard is enclosed with every pack and carries the same serial number as the ampules. SCS is accredited with the Swiss Federal Office of Metrology who is a signatory of the BIPM. The Swiss Federal Office of Metrology has registered ?humidity standard? as a reference standard under the Mutual Recognition Agreement. NIST recognizes those calibrations that are registered in the BIPM database.
Moisture Meter

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