Sartorius 5 mL Capacity 7500 MWCO Vivapore 5 PES Concentrator - Pack of 30

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  • Vivapore 5 is frequently used for urine concentration and subsequent analysis of Bence-Jones proteins by gel electrophoresis
  • Contrary to other, larger products with multiple, adjacent concentration channels, there is no risk of cross-contamination between individual Vivapore units
  • Vivapore static concentrators are offered as separate chambers together with disposable plastic stands for up to four units
  • 7,500 MWCO
  • 5 mL Capacity
Vivapore 5 is a ready-to-use benchtop concentrator for samples up to 5mL. With no need for additional equipment, pressure or vacuum source, solvent absorption is the most economic and user friendly concentration technique available for clinical and general research applications. Just fill the unit with the solution to be concentrated, wait for the desired concentration level to be achieved and then pipette the concentrated sample from the dead-stop reservoir at the bottom of the concentrator.
Lab Concentrator

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