• 1634
  • Empty hazardous-location enclosure for use in controlling an electrical circuit in an explosive environment
  • For use with one pushbutton unit
  • Meets NEMA type 7 and 9 standards for use in explosively hazardous environments
  • Button starts or stops a process
  • Holders accommodate a range of control panel thicknesses
This Siemens 51EA1H empty hazardous location enclosure is intended for use with a pushbutton unit (not included). This enclosure meets the National Electrical Manufacturers Association (NEMA) type 7 and 9 standards for use in explosively hazardous environments and is suitable for use in applications such as starting an electrical circuit in a hazardous location in a manufacturing process control system. Pushbutton switches make or break electrical connections as part of a system that controls a process, such as a manufacturing line. Indicator lights with labels or color-coded caps are used to display the current state of a process, such as "completed." The pushbutton unit is composed of a pushbutton actuator for making or breaking electrical connections, a holder for securing the actuator to a control panel and for housing a light, and one or more contact blocks for connection to electrical wiring. Contacts within a contact block can be normally open (NO) or normally closed (NC), so th

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