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Simonds DieBand Plus Bimetal Band Saw Blade with Straight Pitch, Variable Tooth, 0.035" Thick, 4 TPI, 3/8" Width x 204" Length

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  • Simonds Dieband Plus Bi-Metal band saw blade. DieBand Plus meets and exceeds every tool and die maker's demand for a precise cutting M42 band saw blade. It is designed for accurate cuts that skilled craftsmen demand and require both straight cuts and contour cutting. DieBand Plus incorporates 8 percent cobalt high speed wire on a high tensile strength spring backer to provide longer blade life. DieBand Plus can be welded with a standard blade welder or a high speed welder. DieBand Plus is an M42 product developed specifically for toolrooms and machine shops where contour cutting is the norm. Applications: Tool and die makers. Ideal for Tool and die steels. Regular tooth pattern broken up to reduce noise. Less vibration and chatter. One blade is suitable for a wider range of cutting. Tooth pattern repeated throughout band. Tooth shape changes within pattern. Tooth tip hardened to 67 Rc to 69 Rc. Ideal for cutting shapes like thin sheet, plate, thick wall tube and thin wall tube.

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