• "T" Style Hex Wrench
  • Quick Change Tooling - Micro-Quick
  • Made in USA
The MICRO 100(QHT-10 Package of ten (10) QHT-1 type "T" handle hex wrench. Can be used for all of the Micro-Quik toolholders for locating and locking the tool in place. Exceptions are the QDL and QDLM style dog leg toolholders.The Micro-Quik Tooling System provides maximum centerline repeatability within plus or minus 0.0005" from tool to tool. When all of this systems components are used together, this unique system reduces machine setup, downtime, tooling costs, and tooling inventories all while boosting productivity. For over 45 years, MICRO 100 is a known industry leader and internationally acclaimed when it comes to solid carbide tooling and accessories.
Micro 100
Hex Wrench

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