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PFERD Riffler File, Diamond Grit, Rectangular, Fine, 6" Length

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  • The Pferd riffler file is 6" long and has rectangular ends that taper and curve toward the point, with fine diamond grit for precision filing of straight surfaces in hard-to-reach places. The file ends have diamond grit on the sides and edges for removal of hard, brittle material such as hardened steels, hard metals, glass, ceramics, or fiber-reinforced plastics. The grit has been electroplated to the file surface for durability, and has grit on both ends for extended tool life. The file can be gripped in the middle section where there are no teeth, and can be used with a riffler file holder (sold separately).

    Hand files are used to remove material and smooth and shape workpieces. They have forward-facing cutting teeth and cut when pushed over either a stationary or rotating workpiece. Single-cut teeth are single rows cut diagonally across the width of the file. Double-cut teeth have two sets of rows cut in opposite directions. American pattern files have three coarseness grades. Coarse, also known as bastard cut, is suitable for efficient, heavy material removal where finish is not a concern. Medium, also known as second cut, offers average material removal and finish quality. Fine, also known as smooth cut, provides the smoothest finish. Swiss pattern files have eight coarseness grades, from 00 (coarse), 0 (medium), and 1 to 6 (fine to finest), offering a smoother finish than equivalent American pattern files. For Swiss pattern files the length of the tool is the length of the blade, not counting the tang, which is the pointed end fitted for a handle; for American pattern files the length of the tool is its entire length, including the tang.

    Pferd manufactures abrasives and cutting tools for grinding, finishing, and cutting. The company, founded in 1799 in Germany, has its U.S. headquarters in Leominster, MA. It meets International Organization for Standardization (ISO) standard 9001.


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