• Parabolic flute configuration with proprietary Convoflute flute design offers wider flute space, dispersing chips away from the cutting edges more rapidly and increasing coolant flow volume
  • Manufactured from premium high-speed steel
  • 135 degree self-centering split point reduces thrust with easier penetration
  • Engineered for deep-hole drilling up to depths of 10 to 16 x diameter
  • Titanium nitride (TiN) coating adds lubricity and hardness, enhancing chip flow, finished hole quality, and drill life
The Chicago-Latrobe 120DHT series parabolic, long length drill bit is made from high-speed steel with a TiN coating and has a 135-degree notched point for use in deep drilling applications on ferrous and nonmetallic materials. High-speed steel (HSS) provides hardness for wear resistance, and the titanium nitride (TiN) coating offers increased wear resistance, extended tool life, and higher hardness than an uncoated drill bit. A self-centering 135-degree notched point penetrates material without a pilot hole more easily than a conventional point, and maintains a sharp cutting edge longer than a split point. The parabolic flutes are wider than standard flutes for improved rigidity in deep drilling applications, as well as increased coolant flow and chip evacuation to reduce clogging. A long length drill bit reaches farther and drills deeper than a jobber length drill bit because it has longer flutes and overall length. The parabolic flutes enable this bit to drill to a depth of 8 to 12 t
Chicago Latrobe
Drill Bit

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