• Instantly works in all Grizzly machines & others too - optimizes machine performance. * Consistent knife quality produces superior finishes with big savings. * Affordable industrial quality for both the home craftsman & the large wood products manufacturer. * Choose economical HSS knives for most planing jobs or long lasting Cobalt knives for the tougher more abrasive woods. Easy & accurate knife changes are a reality because Dispoz-A-Blade is always the same dimension from the cutting edge to the holder bottom. The Posi-Set Knife Support System automatically sets Dispoz-A-Blade to the proper height without any adjustment, saving hours of set up time. Consistent weight between knives assures balanced, vibration-free operation. Dispoz-A-Blade's holder & double edge disposable knife is the dimensional equivalent of the knife you are using now in your machine's cutter head. Various size & types of holders are available which attach to the same high quality Dispoz-A-Blade knife insert. This holder-knife combination instantly adapts to your machine without any modifications. First time Start Up System supplies the correct size Posi-Sets, one set of reusable Dispoz-A-Blade knife holders & one set of double edge HSS Dispoz-A-Blade knife inserts for your Grizzly machine. All that is required for future knife changes are economical double edge Dispoz-A-Blade replacement knives.

How BLINQ Works

  • Retailer needs to move overstock, open box & refurbished inventory.
  • BLINQ receives inventory and professionally inspects each item.
  • Condition is determined, with only the best items passing inspection.
  • Item is heavily discounted on BLINQ.com to sell quickly.