LMT Onsrud Solid Carbide 8 Facet Drill Bit - Size: 1/2"

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  • Jobber length drill bit has a midrange drilling depth for general-purpose applications
  • Solid carbide drills produce close-tolerance holes in hard materials, and have a longer tool life at higher speeds than cobalt and high-speed steel (HSS)
  • Uncoated (bright) finish has no additional surface treatment or coating
  • 8-facet point with four cutting edges prevents delamination when drilling difficult-to-machine composite materials
  • Round shank accommodates most drill chucks
The Onsrud Cutter 67-800 series jobber length drill bit is made from solid carbide with an uncoated (bright) finish and has an 8-facet point for use in general-purpose drilling applications on difficult-to-machine composite materials. The drill bit point has two sets of cutting edges, one with a 90-degree point and the other with a 118-degree point, that reduce the possibility of delamination when drilling composites, carbon fiber, mechanical plastics, and fiber-reinforced plastics. Solid carbide is harder than high-speed or cobalt steel, provides longer tool life at higher speeds, and produces close-tolerance holes in hard materials. The uncoated finish has no additional surface treatment or coating. An 8-facet point has four cutting edges (instead of the standard two) to prevent delamination when drilling difficult-to-machine composite materials. The round shank accommodates most drill chucks.
LMT Onsrud

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