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Martindale TUNS18035 9/16" OD 1/4" HD 0.035"T Tungsten-Carbide Saws

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  • Spindle speeds may vary from 3,000 to 12,000 rpm
  • Blades are harder than High Speed Steel Saws for improved tool life
  • Hollow Ground for Side Clearance
  • Landed Teeth for Improved Tooth Strength
  • O.D. +/-.005; Thickness +/-.0005
Martindale is a pioneer in the manufacture of circular saw blades for the metal cutting industry. Carbide metal working and Mica Undercutting saw blades are popular for many applications. Carbide, harder and more wear resistant than High-Speed Steel, provides longer tool life and decreased cycle times. Slotting, Slitting, Cut-off and many other applications benefit from the use of solid carbide saw blades. Martindale metal working and Mica Undercutting saw blades are carefully designed as to tooth form, hollow grind, and hardness. Saw blades are manufactured to close tolerances in the USA. They can be used for cutting Mica, Steel, Aluminum, plastics and other materials not requiring set teeth. Mica and other similar abrasive materials may vary in abrasiveness and hardness, making necessary the very best design and production controls in the manufacture of Martindale saws.

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