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Micro 100 SPD-625-090 90 Included Drill Point Spotting and Centering Drill, 5/8" Drill Diameter, 1-1/8" Flute Length, 2-1/2" Overall Length, Solid Carbide Tool

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  • MICRO 100, SPD-625-090, spotting and centering, solid carbide drill. Designed and engineered for when tight tolerance hole locations are required. Spot drilling is required to prevent the drill from walking. Spotting drills improve the accuracy of the secondary drilled hole. Each size may be used on a wide range of hole diameters. The typical diameter of a spot drilled hole is 50-75% of the secondary final drill diameter. Available with four different drill points. Selection of the correct drill point(s) is in relationship to the material(s) being drilled. optimized rake and clearance angles that produce, high speed and high material removal rates while providing improved surface finishes in most routing applications. This tool may also be used for chamfering or deburring. Best suited for most materials with the correct selection of the drill point. MICRO 100 Solid Carbide Tools feature more than just a micro-grain of excellent quality. Their substrate is in a class of its own, resulting from an exclusive treating process that allows for increased speeds and feeds and extended tool life. For over 45 years, MICRO 100 is a known industry leader and internationally acclaimed.
Micro 100

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