• Water-based stearate coating resists loading for extended abrasive life
  • Disc materials are non-pigmented and prevent color transfer to the work surface
  • P-graded, heat-treated, aluminum oxide abrasive is durable and offers a consistent scratch pattern for a fine finish
  • Pressure-sensitive adhesive, for easy application without needing solvents, water, or heat
  • Paper backing is flexible, and offers a more consistent finish than cloth or fiber
The Norton A275 No-Fil pressure sensitive adhesive abrasive disc forms a bond when pressure is applied to stick the disc to its back-up pad, without the use of solvents, water, or heat to activate the adhesion. This disc is used for preparing primed and painted surfaces, sanding plastics and fiberglass, and bare wood sanding.
Norton Abrasives
Sanding Disc
Norton A275-1

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