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Simonds IC Enduro Bimetal Band Saw Blade with Structure Cutting

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  • 8 percent cobalt high-speed wire increases blade durability
  • Robust tooth geometry produces faster cutting rates and increases productivity
  • Proprietary heat treat minimizes tooth chipping and improves blade flex life
  • Plastic capping reduces tooth tip damage during transit and handling
  • Measures 276-inches length by 2-inches width by 0.063-inches thick
Simonds IC Enduro Bi-Metal band saw blade. All-new IC Enduro is designed for cutting bundle solids, structurals and tubes. It can handle even the largest cross-section structurals while avoiding blade pinching during the cut. IC Enduro features custom designed set on each blade to maximize cutting performance while minimizing kerf loss. Make short work of all your bundle and structural cutting needs with IC Enduro - the structural buster. For bundle and structural cutting applications, choose IC Enduro - the all-new structural/bundle band saw blade from Simonds. The patent-pending tooth geometry produces faster cutting rates and increases productivity with less noise, which is something every saw operator will appreciate. This design also provides a smoother finish and longer blade life. When you need to make short work of bundles and structural sections, depend on the new standard - IC Enduro. IC Enduro is application-designed for all bundles of solids, tube or structurals - even larg
Band Saw Blades
Band Saw Blades

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