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ASI 8LT7FLB5 24VAC/DC Flash Tower Light Module with Xenon Bulb- Yellow

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  • Yellow light means warning or caution; abnormal situation
  • Signal tower lights are stacked from top to bottom - red, yellow, orange, blue, green and white
  • IP 65 degree of protection
  • UL Listed
ASI 8LT7FLB5 is a 24 VAC/DC yellow flashing light module with xenon bulb for signal tower stacked lights with an IP65 degree of protection. In order for the yellow flashing light module to work, these additional components are needed - connection module and fixing base (sold separately). Each component of the tower easily connects together without the use of additional tools. One light or up to 7 can be added to the stacked tower light. The stacked tower lights can include any combination of light modules that are steady, blinking or flash. One sound module can be added to the top of the tower if needed. Only one connection module and fixing base are needed per tower stack light ensemble. To avoid confusion, universal standards were established to identify the state of operation when a specific signal light is activated. Yellow and orange mean warning or caution; abnormal situation. 8LT7FLB5 is sold in packages of one.

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