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ATE Non-Asbestos Original Disc Brake Pad Set (EU639)

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  • Full braking power immediately available - no fading with ATE
  • Low heat transmission prevents pedal sponginess
  • Optimum comfort characteristics - avoidance of squeal and judder
  • ATE quality ? Profit from longstanding experience
ATE offers its customers 150 different pad compounds, each of which is outstanding! It?s because ATE believe that each individual car model deserves the ideal brake pad, because average quality is just not enough when it comes to safety and, quite simply, because at ATE we CAN. Independent tests have confirmed the outstanding friction values of ATE Original brake pads, time and time again. At ATE we believe that brakes should be felt and not heard , so we make sure that all our products have underlayers and noise damping sheets. ATE products naturally comply with all the provisions of the ECE regulations ? and much stricter in-house tests ensure that at ATE we exceed these regulation requirements.
Disc Brake Pad

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