Axxis 45-01030D Automotive Deluxe Advanced Premium Ceramic Brake Pad Set

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  • Application specific positive-molded ceramic brake pads are designed for replacement of asbestos, NAO or ceramic pads; may also be used on some Euro-met applications
  • Low noise, low dust, outstanding pedal feel - recommended for everyday driving
  • Fitted with OE style, OE material, vibration-damping shims for a virtually noise-free brake performance
  • Premium Ceramic
Axxis superior performance disc brake pads (formerly known as Repco) have a long tradition of high quality and virtually dust-free and noise-free performance. Originally formulated in Europe in the 1960s, Axxis has continually been perfected in Australia through the years, using the latest positive-molding technology and the most advanced ceramic fibers long before it became fashionable or popular. The Axxis program is now available in four families of top-quality friction materials. Axxis Deluxe Advanced a virtually dust-free and noise-free ceramic formula, suitable for everyday driving, offers outstanding pedal feel, good resistance to fade, and exceptionally long rotor life. Axxis XBG a low-met, European-pedigree formula, formerly known as Repco MetalMaster, suitable for frequent stop-and-go driving, offers high-pedal feel, exceptional resistance to heat, and consistently reliable braking power under all conditions. Axxis Extended Duty a semi-metallic formulation designed primarily
Automotive Brake Pad Set

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