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Axxis 45-04250D Deluxe Advanced Premium Ceramic Brake Pad Set

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  • Axxis superior performance disc brake pads (formerly known as Repco) have a long tradition of high quality and virtually dust-free and noise-free performance. Originally formulated in Europe in the 1960s, Axxis has continually been perfected in Australia through the years, using the latest positive-molding technology and the most advanced ceramic fibers long before it became fashionable or popular. The Axxis program is now available in four families of top-quality friction materials. Axxis Deluxe Advanced a virtually dust-free and noise-free ceramic formula, suitable for everyday driving, offers outstanding pedal feel, good resistance to fade, and exceptionally long rotor life. Axxis XBG a low-met, European-pedigree formula, formerly known as Repco MetalMaster, suitable for frequent stop-and-go driving, offers high-pedal feel, exceptional resistance to heat, and consistently reliable braking power under all conditions. Axxis Extended Duty a semi-metallic formulation designed primarily for light trucks and SUVs, but it can be used on all vehicles that need extended pad life, offers low fade, consistent severe-duty performance and unparalleled durability. Axxis ULT a high-performance ceramic-metallic formulation, track-worthy, road-friendly, formerly known as Axxis Ultimate, offers a superior coefficient of friction for the shortest possible stopping distance. Not recommended for everyday commuter driving, not as clean as the other Axxis formulas, and not as easy on the rotors, but if you want to stop on a dime, this pad gets the job done.

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