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Deeza Chassis Parts Stabilizer Link (CV-L620)

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  • Installed on over 10 million vehicles throughout North America and Europe
  • Premium quality products designed with latest patented technologies
  • Tested and approved according to international standards ball stud and socket assembly test procedures
  • Black colored electrostatic coating
  • POM material used
Enhanced design Deeza stabilizer links for form, fit and function. This enhanced ungraded design provides an ultimate performance with a sealed-for-life joint. One-piece housing without additional cover plates or polymer bearings provides extra strength against pull out and push forces. Permanently mounted dust boots designed for protecting the joint from contamination. Two convex dust boot helps internal structure to stay firm and durable against corrosion, tear, dust and temperature variation. Minimized ball surface roughness and low friction polymer ball bearing for smoothest play and corrosion resistance. Black colored electrostatic coating on the housing is performed with Superharp C materials, which prevents corrosion, scratch and wear. Enhanced bearing design resists radial/axial and vibrating forces. POM material ensures performance during changing operating conditions. For ease of installation, the ball stud has been designed with wrench flats and/or allen wrench sockets based
Chasis Part Stabilizer Link

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