Kensun 35w 8000K HB4 HID Xenon Headlight Conversion Kit (P/KIT-9006-8K)

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  • Easy and Simple installation.
  • Includes - smart aluminium carry-case, pair of 9006 super-bright performance hid xenon bulbs, 100% weather-proof, shock-proof, water-proof universal high-performance premium ballasts, mounting brackets and installation instructions
HID lights have a glass chamber of gas that replaces the filament of traditional halogen light bulbs. The gas is ignited with an approximately 23,000 volt charge and stays illuminated by a constant 12v source that is provided by a ballast which is connected directly to your battery. Remarkably, HID lights are able to provide greater light output with much less power consumption. Studies show that a 35 watt HID lamp produces 3 times as much light compared to a 55 watt halogen bulb. Moreover, the 55 watt halogen bulb uses a continuous power draw of 10-15 amps, while the HID system uses 20 amps for starting up, but then drops down to a mere 3 amps during operation (that is up to 80% less power during use!). In addition to high output and low power usage, the HID headlight provides longer service life. With no filament to vibrate and fatigue, under normal driving conditions, HID bulbs last roughly 10 times longer than halogen bulbs. What is the HID Color Temperature? Color Temperature is a
  • Bulb Type: High Intensity Discharge (HID)
  • Power Input: 9-16V
  • Power Output: 35W
  • Operating Power Consumption: 3.5A
  • Ignition Power Consumption: 7A
  • Operating Voltage (AC): 85V
  • Ignition Voltage (AC): 23KV
  • Operating Temperature: -40 to +125
  • Luminescence Efficiency: >85%
  • Wattage: 35.00
Xenon Conversion Kit

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