• Remanufactured in USA with all new elastomers and hardware; 100 percent pressure-tested with genuine OE testing equipment; restored to new OE equivalent condition, Complete friction-ready unit, including pad installation hardware, banjo bolt (if applicable), mounting bracket (if applicable), parking brake actuating lever (if applicable) and parking brake cable bracket (if applicable), Only a small percentage of steel pistons and bolts are salvaged in the remanufacturing process; all phenolic and aluminum pistons are replaced with new pistons to OE specifications, Effective rust protection: Bolts and other steel parts are plated, castings are coated with 'PPG RUSTAREST 230' solution and wrapped in VCI paper; the caliper coating may be slightly oily, do not wipe it off or remove it with a brake cleaner, Some units may include a core redemption certificate, allowing the user to return his or her old core to the remanufacturing factory for a partial cash refund; core value and shipping instructions are shown on the certificate
NuGeon Auto Components

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