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NuGeon Remanufactured Semi-Loaded Brake Caliper - Driver Side (22-01821L)

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  • Complete friction-ready unit, including pad installation hardware, banjo bolt (if applicable), mounting bracket (if applicable), parking brake actuating lever (if applicable) and parking brake cable bracket (if applicable)
  • Only a small percentage of steel pistons and bolts are salvaged in the remanufacturing process, all phenolic and aluminum pistons are replaced with new pistons to OE specifications
  • Effective rust protection - Bolts and other steel parts are plated, castings are coated with 'PPG RUSTAREST 230' solution and wrapped in VCI paper, the caliper coating may be slightly oily, do not wipe it off or remove it with a brake cleaner
NuGeon Semi-Loaded Brake Calipers are remanufactured in USA to the strict OE and/or SAE specifications. All calipers include hardware. Banjo bolts, mounting bracket, parking brake lever and parking brake cable bracket are included when applicable. They are coated with 'PPG RUSTAREST 230' rust protection and wrapped in OE style VCI (vapor corrosion inhibitor) paper. The remanufacturing process includes - Complete disassembly of caliper cores, only the housing, the bracket, some parking brake components, some steel pistons and some bolts are salvaged, everything else is discarded and replaced with new components. All salvaged parts are degreased, cleaned, shot blasted or sandblasted and rust-protected, all savaged bolts are zinc-dichromate-plated. All salvaged items are checked for excessive wear or rust damage, bolts are checked for straightness, all threads are validated, all non-conforming parts are scrapped. No welding, filling, shaving or helicoils are used on any NuGeon remanufactu
Brake Caliper

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