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Power Stop AR8141XL Cross Drilled and Slotted Performance Brake Rotor - Left

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  • The cross-drilled and slotted series is engineered to provide maximum heat dissipation for dependable and safe braking under extreme braking conditions. Short of replacing your braking system for a big brake kit, Power Stop's cross-drilled and slotted Extreme Performance rotors provide maximum braking performance without breaking the bank. Dyno tests on a vented Mustang rotor show a heat reduction of 50-200 degrees Fahrenheit when comparing a Power Stop cross-drilled and slotted rotor to the OE designed rotor. Because the Power Stop cross-drilled and slotted rotors are running at a lower temperature, this allows for greater braking power, and in many cases longer rotor and pad life. The combination of the cross-drilled holes and slots constantly enable the braking surface to be cleaner, thus providing improved friction bite and cleaner wheels. Each rotor is coated with a silver, zinc dichromate finish to prevent corrosion and maintain the new, bold rotor look. Power Stop cross-drilled and slotted rotors can be used with the original braking system; a big brake kit is not required.
Power Stop

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