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Premium Piston Ring Set

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  • Sealed Power standard piston ring packages offer proven technology and sealing performance that have made them a dominate choice for relacement applications.

    Every Sealed Power ring set is engineered for horsepower oil control and durability providing the ideal ring technology for all applications. These sets incorporate a stainless steel expander-spacer electropolished to an extremely fatigue resistant smooth surface for maximum durability.

    Standard ring packages include cast top compression rings engineered to provide maximum oil control for virtually all engines. They maintain uniform contact with the cylinder wall containing combustion pressures and delivering excellent oil control. Sealed Power cast-ring assemblies also provide efficient piston-to-cylinder heat transfer.

    Sealed Power second rings provide unsurpassed durability and performance.

    Provide reliable compression sealing
    ProperlSealed Power second rings provide unsurpassed durability and performancy control inter-ring pressure to improve cylinder sealing
    Provide efficient postion to cylinder heat transfer
    Aid in effective oil control
Sealed Power

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