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Proforged 103-10023 Greasable Pitman Arm

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  • Crazy strong pitman arms. Proforged pitman arms are built using some of the toughest steel on the planet. forged sae4140 chromoly steel studs are enclosed in forged sae1045 housings, heat treated for strength and durability, and every fit surface is cnc machined for precision fit and finish. each unit is sealed with specially-designed cr-rubber boots for ultimate durability.
  • Built for professionals. There's a reason why the most well-respected performance suspension brands use proforged products - we're fanatical about quality, performance, and durability. professionals save time and money with our competitively-priced products that outlast inferior brands. do the job with confidence - replace your worn components with the leader in performance pitman arms: proforged.
  • Buy with confidence. There's a reason that the most well-respected performance suspension manufacturers buy from proforged: we're the only brand of chassis parts that offers race-day performance at a price within your budget - and backs it up with a 1,000,000 mile. buy today and get your car, truck, or racecar back on the road and stronger than ever.
  • What is a pitman arm? A pitman arm is part of your vehicle's steering system - it connects the steering box to your center link, allowing your wheels to turn. pitman arms are built with a ball-and-socket design, just like your hip, and needs to be replaced as it wears out. a worn pitman arm causes poor handling and makes it difficult or impossible to achieve an alignment, which leads to rapid tire wear. replacing your worn pitman arm gives a noticeable improvement in steering feel, handling, and safety.
The Idler Arm and Pitman Arm are two of the most commonly worn steering components. Poorly designed wearable joints from the factory quickly loosen and cause excessive play in the steering. Proforged Idler Arms and Pitman Arms are built to strict tolerances using the latest innovations in steering technology, ensuring crisp, predictable handling

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