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RacingBrake Slotted Rear Performance Brake Rotor for Volkswagen Golf GTI

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  • Attractive black corrosion resistant paint on rotor hat and cross-cut finish on disc surface
  • Reinforced ribs between hat and disc prevent warping
  • Made with SAE grade G3500 iron (upgraded from stock rotors) to improve longevity
  • Exceed OEM specifications
  • RB rotors have total performance integrity from design to finish
RB rotors are made of alloyed gray iron and the friction surface has a cross-cut finish to aid in the brake pad bedding process. These rotors are machined with a slotted finish. This stock rotor direct replacement offers you the best value for immediate improvement of your brake performance at a price often lower than you would pay to a car dealer for an OE replacement. RB make real performance rotors from the ground up. First comes design and a CMM is used for precise measurement, then 3D computer modeling is used for design with improvements to make up the shortfalls of OE design and for performance enhancement.
Brake Rotor for Volkswagen Golf GTI

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