• Ceramic Pads
  • Pro Ceramic-VS disc brake pads are corrosion fee
  • generate less dust to help maintain wheel appearance
Pro Ceramic-VS disc brake pads feature vehicle specific ceramic friction formulations designed to deliver quiet, comfortable braking with reduced rotor wear for late model vehicles. Using dual dynamometer testing, Satisfied Brake Products has developed vehicle specific ceramic formulations that reduce heat generation and cool down more quickly when the brake pedal is released. Pro Ceramic-VS disc brake pads are corrosion-free and generate less dust to help maintain wheel appearance. They also feature GridLock Technology to bond the friction material to the backing plate to minimze noise, eliminate torque shear and heat separation. Welcome to the world of Satisfied Brake Products that feature industry leading friction materials with cutting edge technology and marketing. Satisfied understands that every component of a vehicle's braking system contributes to braking performance and safety. With over twenty-five years in the friction aftermarket, Satisfied focuses every decision and innov

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