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Satisfied Performance Bonded Car Brake Shoes (B596 PRO)

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  • D3EA performance certified
  • Smooth, quiet and secure braking
  • Vehicle-specific friction matches the vehicle for ultimate performance
  • System 7 Noise Reduction Technology with Shims for noise control*
  • ISO9001:2000 registered quality system
PRO TECH Tuned Braking Technology delivers balanced braking for drum brake applications. Compatible with all Satisfied brake pads, PRO TECH delivers controlled vehicle deceleration without destabilizing pitch and roll, helping to eliminate the potential loss of control during hard braking. Welcome to the world of Satisfied Brake Products that feature industry leading friction materials with cutting edge technology and marketing. Satisfied understands that every component of a vehicle's braking system contributes to braking performance and safety. With over twenty-five years in the friction aftermarket, Satisfied focuses every decision and innovation on the ultimate quality and performance of their products in the marketplace. Satisfied benchmarks O.E.M. products to confirm that their advanced semi-metallic, organic and ceramic friction formulations perform perfectly with the specific braking system in each vehicle. Satisfied considers all factors to ensure as close a match as possible
Car Brake Shoes
B596 PRO

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