Sun Visor Extender - Front & Side Window Sun Shield, 100% UV Protection, Auto Anti-Glare, Clear View, Largest Cover Range - Extends Any Angle, Fits all Cars & Trucks, By SUNSET

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  • SUNSET - Smart Car Sun Visor Extender:
    SUNSET car visor extension is designed with a Smart Sliding Lens Mechanism to assist drivers and passengers easily cope with sun glare, UV rays and snow reflections. The smart sliding mechanism of the SUNSET Car Sun Visor Extender gives you the best cover range of sun protection and there is NO gap between the car visor and the SUNSET anti-glare shield lens for sun to glint through.

    No more impossible dangerous driving into the early morning or evening sun glare!
    No more sun glare and heat from side window!
    No more driving blind!
    Just pull it up, down, left or right to place it where you need it.

    Safe & Secure Driving

    Sun glare & Brightness protection
    Effective for snow reflections
    Prevents temporary blindness for drivers
    100% UV protection!

    Pleasant & Relaxed Journey

    Blocks side window sun glare while driving
    Smart sliding lens mechanism
    Clear and optimal view
    Reduces heat

    Optimal for drivers who wear eyeglasses

    Easy & Convenient Use
    Applicable for all vehicles (SUVs, RVs & Trucks) and pleasure boats
    Simple and effortless installation - No need for tools or assembly
    Attaches quickly with a sturdy, adjustable Velcro
    Easy transfer from one vehicle to another

    SUNSET Sun Visor extender blocks dangerous blinding early morning and afternoon sun glare and reflection. It is great for cars (SUVs, RVs & Trucks) and pleasure boats. It allows you to stop squinting and be safe and comfortable while driving.

    Get your SUNSET Car Visor Extender Today!!

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