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TPI Spinning Chrome Cone Seat Lug/Wheel Locks with Keys 4 Pks

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  • 36mm Overall Length
  • M12x1.50
  • 3 layers of brilliantly leveled Nickel undercoating followed by 1 reflective layer of chrome
  • Cold forged and heat-treated for Optimal Hardness
Knowing that expensive wheels need protection, TPi produces advanced wheel locks that protect your wheels and tires from theft. These wheel locks require a special key for installation and removal that comes in a variety of key patterns. For extra safety, TPi created the spinning wheel lock, which comes with an affixed free-spinning sleeve that makes it nearly impossible to remove without the proper key. ****These lug/wheel nuts are designed for cone seat wheels. It is very important to find proper seat type, thread size, and pitch of the lug bolt before installation, otherwise, the installation will be improper and possibly cause wheel loss or other dangerous conditions. Things to consider before purchasing: Year, Make, and Model fitment information for this listing refers to compatibility with a vehicles thread size only. The wheels will determine what style of lug nut is needed. Verify the quantity needed. Installation by a certified technician is recommended. When replacing an exis

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