Venom 400 V48-130 Performance Module For Engine Computer Auto Parts

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  • Red LED light mounts on the vehicle's dashboard & lights-up whenever the Venom 400 activates
  • Convenient ON/OFF switch allows the user to quickly disable the Venom 400 to allow emissions testing
  • Fast & easy
  • Model specific programming to assure optimum performance gains
Venom 400 Computer Control Module, V48-130 - Fits: Dodge Stealth 3.0L DOHC TURBO VIN C 1991-92. The Venom 400 increases horsepower up to 25% throughout the low and midrange. The Venom Performance Module uses a powerful, 8-bit micro-controller to re-map the vehicle's fuel and timing curves. Fuel and timing maps are set to deliver optimum performance gains throughout the low and midrange of the vehicle's power-curve. Unlike most "Chips", the Venom 400 does not respond only to wide open throttle. It produces noticeable, useable gains under normal, daily driving conditions. Venom Performance is a leading manufacturer of performance electronics, and the Venom 400 has been their best selling product for about a decade.

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