• Convenient and easy to read dashboard display and receiver
  • Audible alarm instantly alerts driver of improper tire conditions
  • Supports 4 or 8 tires
  • Extends the life of tires and improves fuel efficiency
  • Easy installation
The Wagan Tech Tire Pressure Monitoring System features an advanced monitoring and alert system for tire safety monitoring tire pressure and temperature, displaying their status when required. When the tire conditions are detected to be abnormal, the system displays the status and sounds an alert for action to be taken. With proper maintenance, the tire's life can be extended and the vehicle's gas consumption can be reduced. This system uses four sensors and a receiver unit. The sensor installed in the tire detects the tire pressure as well as temperature and transmits the data to the receiving unit. When there is an abnormal status, the display unit will raise an alarm and displays real time data of the pressure and temperature, which warns the driver to handle the situation accordingly.

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