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Maptech U.S. Boating Charts GPS Software DVD with Tides and Currents

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TIRED OF DOWNLOADING NOAA CHARTS? There is a better way, and tides and currents data is included with the charts. Maptech's U.S. Boating Charts with Tides and Currents DVD has more than 2,200 up-to-date NOAA nautical charts and more than 750 river charts from the U.S. Army Corp of Engineers. It comes with GPS real-time navigation software and U.S. Tides and Currents. GPS-Ready - The U.S. Boating Charts with Tides and Currents DVD includes Maptech's Offshore Navigator Lite GPS positioning software. Offshore Navigator Lite's GPS features include: Real-time Positioning: Connect a USB GPS to your PC to see your position right on the chart. As you move the vessel icon moves. Data Windows: Data Windows display key GPS data such as Lat/Lon, COG, and SOG. They also instantly calculate course information such as Cross-Track Error and Range and Bearing to the next waypoint. Transfer Waypoints from PC to GPS: Transfer waypoints directly from your PC into popular GPS receivers. Say goodbye to the task of keying waypoints in one by one.

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