• Paraffin wax-treated fibers easily collect dust but won't scratch
  • Light-weight, easy to use, safe and non-toxic
  • Includes storage/carry case with handle for easy hanging
  • Static gently draws pollen, dust and dirt away from paint like a magnet
Our Real Clean brand duster is 100% cotton strands with baked on Paraffin Wax coating. This duster attracts dirt and dust and can be used to remove pollen, dirt and dust without water or soap. This duster won't scratch your automobile finish and will last for years without needing to be cleaned. The Paraffin Wax coating won't leave a residue or streaking on your paint. The static charge created from using the duster acts like a magnet attracting the fine particles on your paint and removing them with little effort. Shake the duster out when you are done using it and put it back in the carry case until you need it again. You can save a lot of money on car washes. Save time if you normally wash your vehicles personally. Use it frequently and your auto's will be clean and shiny between washes.
Real Clean
MPO-Lg Para
Car Duster with Case

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