Screaming Banshee Air Twin Horn - 130DB - SB3-C

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  • This is NOT just another air horn. This horn may save your life - many customers have credited this horn with saving their life, by making them seen and heard by car drivers who were not paying attention.yclist lives. Make sure vehicle drivers see you and hear you. Loudest horn (130+ dB) for motorcycle safety makes sure they hear you.
  • Makes you heard and seen up to three blocks away!
  • Gently warn inattentive drivers with short press, or BLAST them with super loud raucous 130+ decibel pulsing horn and flashing high beam.
  • Can replace your existing horn or be installed as an additional horn. Short press uses normal horn, but after 0.2 seconds the loud horn activates with variable sound and flashes your high beams.
  • Easy installation with all wires and parts included. Developed by motorcycle riders for motorcycle riders.
  • You love riding your bike, but car drivers who are inattentive, texting, on phone calls or just clueless is a major hazard.
  • The patented Screaming Banshee Air Horn was built by motorcyclists to handle this completely! It let's you instantly get the attention of other drivers when they are not paying attention.
  • Unlike other air horn products, the Screaming Banshee Air Horn comes with ALL the wires and parts you need to install it, and is compatible with all vehicle/bike wiring systems, and puts no extra load on existing wiring.
  • A Proven Advanced Air Horn System
  • Proven by thousands of motorcyclists using the Screaming Banshee Air Horn, and many crediting it with avoiding accidents and even saving their lives.
  • Get the benefits of this unique air horn system now
  • - Works both as a gentle horn and as a Super Loud Obnoxious In-Your-Face warning horn.
  • - Easy & intuitive to use - press for more than 0.2 seconds to activate high volume and flashing high beam.
  • - Unlike other horn systems, i
Screaming Banshee

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