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WEARWELL 454 Antifatigue Mat 3 ft. x 4 ft black

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  • Ergonomically designed to enhance worker comfort, Ortho Stands' unique hollow-domed surface encourages frequent, yet subtle changes in posture. This boosts circulation and results in greater comfort and less fatigue throughout the day. Perfect as a single work-area mat, Ortho Stand is popular at check-out stands, manifest systems, mailing areas and even punch presses. Test specifications and results are MVSS 302 Flammability - "A" rating. It has a flame spread of < 1.6, ASTM F1677 Coefficient of Friction - Dry: COF = > .90/Wet: COF = .36, ASTM D-1171 Ozone Resistance - Excellent, ASTM D1056 Temperature Range 10 to 120 degrees fahrenheit. Cleaning recommendations: Sweep regularly or dry mop the surface. These mats can be wet mopped with mild soap or detergent. For best results use a detergent like Ivory Liquid with a ph between 4.0 - 9.0.
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