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Murder in Suburbia: Complete Collection [4 Discs]

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  • Meet Kate Ashurst (Caroline Catz, Doc Martin, The Vice) and Emma Scribbins 9Lisa Faulkner, MI-5, Burn It), the sassiest, sexiest investigative team in the Middleford Criminal Investigative Department. Better known as Ash and Scribbs, the two are an unlikely pair: Ash, a graduate of a posh girls' academy, has an analytical mind that serves her well when solving murders. Scribbs, who grew up in the working class, relies more on her instincts than what the facts seem to tell her. When these two come together, along with their handsome, bemused boss (Jeremy Sheffield, The Wedding Date), they are an unstoppable duo in the seemingly perfect suburbs of Middleford.

    In this complete collection, which includes the both series of the hit mystery, Catz and Faulkner sparkle as the bickering, bantering crime-solvers. Filled with a blend of ironic humor and chutzpah, this light-hearted crime drama will have you cheering as Ash and Scribbs face up against political corruption, secretive millionaires, salsa dancers, and real estate agents to catch the killer.
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