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Young Scientist: Volume 1-10 Hardcover World Book's - 1992

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  • Publisher: World Book (1992)
  • Language: English
The quest to explore the known world and to describe its creation and subsequent development is nearly as old as mankind. In the Western world, the best-known creation story comes from the book of Genesis. It tells how God created the earth and all living things. Modern religious thinkers interpret the Biblical story of creation in various ways. Some believe that creation occurred exactly as Genesis describes it. Others think that God's method of creation is revealed through scientific investigation. Young Scientist presents an exciting picture of what scientists have learned about life and the universe. Volume 1: Space Technology -Computers, Volume 2: Light & Electrictiy - Magnetic Power, Volume 3: Atoms & Molecules - Gases, Volume 4: Planet Earth - Water, Volume 5: Living World - Plants, Volume 6: Animals, Volume 7: Human Body - Communication, Volume 8: Energy - Conservation, Volume 9: Construction - Machines, Volume 10: Student Guide - Index.
World Book's
Young Scientist
Young Scientist

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