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Alkali Pipette Tip Polypropylene 200 Microliter 5PK - Crystal Clear

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  • Pipette tips
  • Crystal clear
Alkali Scientific?s A pipette tips are crystal clear and sharp with graduations for precision accuracy liquid handling. They are longer than most other brands to make pipetting into tubes easier while also preventing contamination. The extra space also prevents splashing solution into the pipette nossle. Alkali's plastics are manufactured on state-of-the-art German injection machines creating perfect uniformity and consistency in each of the molds. We make sure all of our plastic products have perfect uniform shape without any microscopic flaws. Our pipette tips are made of 100 percent A+ grade pure polypropylene plastic making them very clear and low-binding without color or lubricants added. These tips and racks are completely autoclavable and will not change shape or color in the process. Tip cases are made from polypropylene and polycarbonate. Non-filtered universal fitting pipette tips. Crystal clear with graduation marks. Naturally low-retention (non-binding) without lubricants a
Alkali Scientific
AS-ST-200C A
AS-ST-200C A

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